Hands Up Alternative

A nine year old girl with cerebral palsy wanted to be able to attract her teacher’s attention like all the other pupils did by raising their hands. It needed to be visible to allow the teacher to see, but not disruptive to the class. It also needed to be easily detachable when not required. What was created was a cantilevered light […]

Lateral Anti-Tip Stabilisers

An eleven year old boy with sensory processing issues, finds it difficult to remain seated in class. He was rocking his chair back and forth. The school negated this risk, only for him to start throwing his weight sideways, putting him at risk of tipping to the side.

Car Wheel Changing Teaching Aid

A Derby school, which specialises in students having special needs, finds that their students are more comfortable with practical rather than academic subjects. Basic car maintenance is one course on offer and, at the request of the school, the Derby Remap panel made a classroom teaching aid to enable students to be taught how to safely remove and refit a car wheel.

Wheelchair tray for student

Alec’s problem was that his arm would involuntarily fly up forcibly and endanger anyone who was standing nearby. As he was a student, with others invariably around, this was quite a problem. A larger version of a standard chair tray was made that would allow his arm to be held down with Velcro straps that […]

Reading teaching aid

A small boy, wheelchair user, with very limited movements and field of vision, required an aid to enable him to look at pictures and learn to read without an assistant holding the page in front of him. A microphone stand was modified in a manner which permitted presentation of educational material to the boy whilst […]

Computer table for foot user

Five year old Jensen was given a computer at school with a large keyboard as he was born without arms and has to work with his feet. The special needs teacher agreed that the desk should be as good as or better than the other furniture in the classroom. No desk was commercially available to […]

Computer desk for electric wheelchair

This boy with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy uses an electric wheelchair. There is limited room in the area and his condition means that his arms tire very easily. He could not get close to the computer desk so as to support his forearms on the desk because the wheelchair joystick fouled it. A diagonally sideways approach […]

Leg brace support

A child with a leg disorder was required to have a steel brace permanently fitted. Because of the weight of the brace she was unable to sit with good posture on a chair, which resulted in spinal twisting. A chair extension piece was manufactured to provide support for her leg brace. She can now sit […]

Adjustable work surface

A child with quadriplegic cerebral palsy can sit comfortably in only a few positions and cannot adapt to a desk/work station fixed in only one position, which inhibits his learning process.  A work station was constructed which is infinitely variable in both height and angle.  The child can now sit in a variety of positions […]