Stepping up/down


Grab Rails for a double amputee

The Client , a lady, had lost both hands and feet due to sepsis. A stairlift had been installed in her house but there were two small steps to be negotiated dor which she required assistance.

Wheelchair Turntable

A man who had a stroke now uses an attendant propelled wheelchair. The access/egress from the house in which he resided was difficult with a need to negotiate a right angle bend in a very confined location. An infill next to a step provided a level access and incorporated a turntable on which the chair could be rotated to the new direction.

Step-up platform

21-month-old Sebby with achondroplasia (short stature) cannot use standard steps etc to access sinks, toilets and worktops. His mother is having to hold him so that he can wash his hands, etc. and  she would like him to be able to do these things safely by himself.

Detachable stair rail

A handrail for a listed building which attaches securely and does not modify the existing structure.

Buggy mounting steps

Buggy with steps in position Transit wheels in use Several of the children at a special school arrive in  MacLaren buggies which are quite high and they are unable to climb in and out of them. Because of their height and the fact that the seat is angled back, the children struggle to reach the […]

Modified Derby half-steps

The client struggles to raise her feet when walking and so was unable to navigate her doorstep to leave the house.  The standard Derby half-steps are too deep to sit on the existing doorstep and are also too high for her limited ability to raise her feet. A wooden step was made to fit the […]

Braked seat/step for kitchen

Kick step Underside showing operating mechanism Gliding around the kitchen In use as a kickstep Client only has the upper section of both her arms and is very adept with her two split hook prosthesis. There are times however when she finds it easier to manipulate items with her feet while seated. For this, she […]

Child’s steps

A 3-year-old child with cerebral palsy is unable to walk unaided.  To promote her independence, her mother wishes her to be able to use the wash basin with minimal assistance.  She had already bought wooden steps and needed side rails for safety. Height adjustable tubular steel rails were fitted.  

Raised kitchen platform

Platform in use Spring-loaded castor and support bracket The client, who is 4ft 2in, uses boxes to allow her to stand at the kitchen sink to do the washing up and look out over her garden. This was unstable and she had already fallen once.  A stepped platform 25cm high with a hand rail was […]

Lightweight portable half-step

The client has limited leg movement and has difficulty in climbing stairs. A portable “half step” was needed. A portable step was made up from aluminium angle, plywood and dowel – see below. Dimensions 100mm high x 230mm wide by 200mm deep. Handle approx. 1000mm high. Note final version fitted with a rubber hand grip. […]

Shower steps

Ann is waiting for two hip replacements and finds stepping up very difficult. A 4″ step is the most she can manage and the tray on her shower is 12″ high. A pair of stacking box steps were made each 4″ high to give access. Handles were provided for ease of moving and were made […]

Miniature step ladder

An 11 year old girl of restricted growth was to start secondary school. She would use a powered wheelchair for mobility most of the time but needed to leave the chair for use of the lavatory and for PE lessons. A small stepladder with hand rails was made to allow her to climb into and […]

Toilet step for two year old boy

Anne’s two year old son has one leg 18cms shorter than the other and the foot turned inwards. He was unable to stand in front of the toilet bowl on a standard child’s plastic step, while waiting up to a year for a special prosthetic from the USA. A wooden platform with levels to suit […]