Staying safe


Grab Rails for a double amputee

The Client , a lady, had lost both hands and feet due to sepsis. A stairlift had been installed in her house but there were two small steps to be negotiated dor which she required assistance.

Passenger Trailer for Tricycle

The West Midlands Panel was approached to see if there was a way to adapt a proprietary tricycle such that a teenage boy could use it in a safe and controlled way outdoors in a large local park. An add-on trailer was devised on which a parent could ride and control the speed at which their son could travel.


Rails at top of stairs … … and with board in place Bottom of stairs A mother of three autistic children requires robust gates at the top and bottom of her stairs to prevent falls. Standard stairgates for toddlers are not high or strong enough. A pair of rails have been fitted at both the […]

Vomit detector

The client is unable to reposition herself in bed and is at risk of choking on her own vomit if left unattended. A detector was made using a water detector mounted on a plate and linked to the nurse call pager system. The system activates when a resistance of just over 4 megaOhm is bridged […]

Improved grip for vertical grab poles

The client found that his wet hands slipped on the floor-to-ceiling poles in his bathroom. Both poles were fitted with paracord whipping over double sided carpet tape to provide a secure hold.  

Wide child gate

Client’s child gate Gate installed Unmodified  retractor mechanism … … and after modification. The client is a wheelchair user and needs a child gate to separate the kitchen and dining areas. The opening is wider than the widest commercially available gate. The client purchased a spring-loaded 1.4m wide retractable child gate and wall extension pieces […]

High security child gate

The client is a child with severe autism who ‘escapes’ from his bedroom at night, disturbing the household.  The family have tried stairgates and a high ‘dog gate’ over the bedroom doorway, but he has worked out ways to scale them by building up a pile of blankets etc.  A more secure way to close […]


The client required an indoor stair handrail in an awkward location, and the suggested Magic Rail was unsuitable. A bespoke angled rail was made and fitted.  

Hinged bed rail

The client’s feet tend to slip off the side of his bed and what was needed was a small width attachment which can be pulled up 180 degrees whilst he is in the bed and then folded down 180 degrees for when he needs to get out of the bed. To complicate things there is […]

Padded window guard

The client who is a wheelchair user is liable to hurt themselves on a bus window due to uncontrolled movements. A foam pillow was covered in leatherette type material and fitted with suction cups to attach to the window when required. Bristol Panel case ref. 1\15-04

Customised bed lever

The client’s bed is manufactured in steel with a sprung mattress support rather than slats and a standard bed lever was unsuitable. A standard bed lever was purchased and modified by the addition of aluminium sections and spacer blocks. Bristol Panel case ref. 8\14-07

Table top cooker hob guard

The client has a table top cooker with two hotplates. He has accidentally knocked pans off this hob in the past and needed a safety modification. An aluminium frame was constructed and fitted to the cooker sides and front, fixed at the corners to lessen the risk. Bristol Remap case ref. 4\13-07

Boy-Proof Secured Safety Gate

This young client had some learning difficulties but was very inquisitive and adept at some tasks, including opening his safety gate. To ensure he is safe in his room at night a standard type of safety gate has been used. However he had learned how to undo the latching system and a more secure arrangement […]

Adult stairgate

  Client is unsteady on his feet and  is concerned he could fall down the stairs at his home while moving along the landing during the night to visit the bathroom.  Because of the limited space, the gate had to be completely removed during the day. A gate was made from a metal child’s stairgate, […]

Stair-gate avoiding stair-lift rail

A six-year old who has learning and behavioural problems needed to be prevented from falling on the stairs. Although he can stand, he cannot safely climb stairs. He would pull on a slat type gate and would quickly damage it. A stair-gate shaped to avoid the stair-lift rail, was made of a wooden frame covered […]

Modified door

A hyperactive little girl needed to be prevented from gaining access to the stairway from her bedroom. The door was modified so that she could be stopped from opening the door but easy access could still be maintained if needed. The girl’s parents now have increased peace of mind. (Stranraer)