Giant Rummikub Board

Following on from the Giant Scrabble Board, we were asked to provide a matching Rummikub game

Hat stand for encouraging social activity at a day centre for the elderly

Staff at a local Day Centre for the elderly use a collection of hats to encourage and stimulate members with dementia to reminisce and discuss when and where the hats were worn. The staff asked for a hat stand that could be “flat-packed” for assembly at one of their craft sessions. A hat stand was […]

Electronic aid for deaf client

The client could not tell when he was shouting in a normal conversation. The solution was an electronic belt-mounted aid, which measures the difference between the client’s voice and the ambient noise level. It vibrates when this difference exceeds a pre-determined amount alerting the client to the fact that he is shouting. He is now […]

Electric motorscooter & oxygen carrier

This thirteen-year old young lady has severe heart and lung problems and requires constant access to oxygen. Pulling a trolley with 10kg cylinder of gas was very tiring, and restricted her from joining in with her peer group. A metal basket, to carry the oxygen bottle, was made and fitted to electric microscooter. The basket […]

Bar stool

The client wished to share a drink with his mates on level terms but he was unable to climb onto a normal height of bar stool. A normal bar stool was shortened and fitted over a pneumatically raised bath seat to enable it to be elevated to the required level. The client can now enjoy a […]