Mattress Spacer

This elderly client required a spacer to fill a gap in her mattress. She had been supplied with a pressure-reducing mattress topper, which (strangely) was 6″ too long for a standard double-bed.

Bed controller access control

Client is 18 years old with learning difficulties and uses a profiling bed with a wired controller. His carers need a method to prevent him from misusing the controller.

Handrail for riser armchair

New rail Side view Rail and feet One of two feet added To suit the changing condition of the client, the arm rest used during the client’s transition from wheelchair to armchair (made under job BK2017/42C) was modified.  The electric raiser chair was too unstable for the new rail to be fixed, as the locking […]

Modified Cot Ends to allow feeding tube between the bars

Client wanted to be able to pass a child’s feeding tube through the cot ends, this allows the child to turn without getting entangled in the feed tube which is the difficulty if the tube is passed over the cot sides. A small section of the cot side top was removed and a swinging section […]

Monorail doorway closure

New upper doors closed … … and open. Pole to open and close the upper doors Client has a monorail running from the bedroom to the bathroom which means that the bedroom door does not close. The client is a noisy sleeper and this disturbs the rest of the family. Two doors were added above […]

Hinged bed rail

The client’s feet tend to slip off the side of his bed and what was needed was a small width attachment which can be pulled up 180 degrees whilst he is in the bed and then folded down 180 degrees for when he needs to get out of the bed. To complicate things there is […]

Customised bed lever

The client’s bed is manufactured in steel with a sprung mattress support rather than slats and a standard bed lever was unsuitable. A standard bed lever was purchased and modified by the addition of aluminium sections and spacer blocks. Bristol Panel case ref. 8\14-07

Nurse call chin switch

The client suffers from severe paralysis and has difficulty in attracting the attention of a nurse. Bristol REMAP has designed a chin operated call switch which the client has to press 3 times in a 5 second window. This should eliminate false calls due to normal movement.

Mattress spacer

This elderly client required a spacer to fill a gap in her mattress. She had been supplied with a pressure-reducing mattress topper, which (strangely) was 6″ too long for a standard double-bed. Normally, this would not cause too much of a problem, but the client had balance problems and she perched on the end of […]

Padding for a cot

The client (aged 2 years) sometimes bangs her head without control. She now has a larger cot and the top rails and ends need padding. The padding must stay in place and the straps be tight. The top rails of the cot were covered in 22mm pipe lagging. The ends of the cot were protected […]

Provision of adjustable bed rail

The client has progressive weakness in all muscle groups affecting her abilities to walk, sit upright for long periods, and great difficulty moving and turning in bed. She needs a shallow bed rail to assist her to turn or otherwise move her position in the bed, but the rail must not impede her ability to […]

Special portable bed

This 18-year old client needed a portable bed contoured for the way she sleeps that she could use when away from home. The bed needed to be raised in the middle and easily portable. A base was constructed in plywood with holes cut out to lighten the structure. The slats were made 200mm wide to […]

Moveable bed rail

Diane, a wheelchair user with multiple sclerosis, needs a firm rail at the side of her bed to enable her to move during the night and to sit up. The rail, however, impedes her transfer off the bed during the day. A bar with stepped recesses was screwed to the bed base so that the […]

Mattress positioner

The client has a gel mattress on top of her normal mattress. During the night, when she turned over, the gel mattress would slip off the bed with her on it. The gel mattress had to be kept in position and save the client hurting herself. A bed guard had to be made higher than […]

High heart rate alarm

The client, a young 11 year old child with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, can have a silent fit whilst asleep. This is accompanied with a dramatic increase in heart rate and immediate medical attention is required. To alert the parent, a high heart rate alarm has been suggested. The client will not tolerate wired electrodes […]