Sewing Machine Speed Controller

The client, who is a wheelchair user, was not able to use the foot operated speed controller for her new overlocker sewing machine.
A hand operated speed controller was constructed so that the client, who enjoys sewing, can now control the speed with her hand operated switches.

Sip/Puff Sewing Machine Pedal Actuator

  This sip/puff actuator was developed from an original design from the Herefordshire Panel, the electrical circuits  and motor are exactly the same as the Herefordshire Panel Device. I modified the actuator to use a cam and lever after realising almost all of the older sewing machine pedals are identical. More modern machines pedals differ. […]

One-handed sewing

Client was very keen on sewing and tapestry but, as a result of a stroke, she can no longer use her left hand/arm. A pair of plywood boards was made to allow the item to be sewn to be held steady with plastic spring clips. Cunningly shaped holes allowed the needle to be passed through […]

Device to operate the foot pedal control of an electric sewing machine

Client’s requirement This referral came from an adult neurological physiotherapist for a 67 year-old paraplegic. “Her main hobby is sewing but [following her accident] she is unable to use the foot pedal to control her sewing machine. Some people do use the foot pedal with their knee but she has no control of her legs […]

Sewing machine threader

The client has virtually no wrist movement due to osteo-arthritis but retains reasonable finger dexterity. Sewing is her hobby. She is able to operate her sewing machine but has difficulty threading it. She is unable to use a wire loop threading aid due to her lack of wrist movement. The solution was to design and […]

Sewing machine hoist

A lady with arthritis was unable to carry her sewing machine and lift it in and out of her car when she needed to take it to her sewing classes. A lightweight trolley was designed incorporating a hoist that can lift the machine off a table. The trolley is then pushed outside to the car, […]

Sewing machine hand control

A wheelchair user was a keen dressmaker but she could no longer use her feet to control her sewing machine. Operating the foot pedal with her elbow was not satisfactory as it required strong and constant pressure. A hand control box was designed to replicate the functions of the foot pedal, with on/off operation and […]

Sewing machine control

A keen seamstress with no use of her legs wanted to start sewing again, and to start up a home-based soft furnishing business. After discussion, a mechanical device was favoured over an electronic one.  A modified bicycle brake handle was incorporated in a shaped handgrip and attached to the existing foot control via a Bowden […]

One-handed knitting device

The client was paralysed on her left side following a stroke and wished to continue with her knitting. The device employs knitting needles modified to make them attach to a magnet. The magnet enables the free needle to be retained in a located position without hindering the movement of the stitches along the needle. The […]

Needlework aid

Linsey is severely disabled and able to use only her mouth to carry out tasks. Her hobby is embroidery and she had difficulty in keeping the sampler frame steady. A specially shaped wheeled holder was made, to which the sampler frame is clamped. Specially adapted tweezers were also supplied to allow her to hold the […]