Mobility chair desk top

Add multi-purpose ‘desk top’ to child’s mobility chair so she could start school with her own table top.

iPad stand for AI text to speech app.

The client uses an AI app on her iPad to read documents. Unfortunately the iPad has to be held very still when capturing the image and she was struggling with this (ad so did I when I tried it out). Her OT contacted us as asked if we could make a stand to hold the iPad and an A4 sized document so that she can have it read to her.

Head Probe

The client has very limited movement in his arms and hands but can move his head accurately. He used to enjoy reading so to allow him to read independently again a device that let him control an e-reader with his head was needed.

Very bright bedside reading lamp

An elderly lady needed a very bright bedside light to enable her to continue her passion for reading. This light was constructed from a 30W LED floodlight and made use of 3D printed parts to protect the electrical connections.

Book stands

A special needs school required book stands for its pupils, but found that those from the preferred school supplier too expensive. Modifying “Brada” laptop stands from IKEA proved much more cost effective.

Holder for Electronic Magnifier

The client has very poor sight and uses an electronic magnifier to aid her reading. The unit is similar to a digital camera and has buttons to control on/off, magnification, colour etc.  As she also has a problem with pain in her fingers she found that holding and operating the device for any length of […]

Toy and bookstand

Book rest in low position Book rest in high position Book rest front and rear The client has poor muscle control and needs to be supported by his carer while being encouraged to reach out to play with toys and books. The client’s parents bought a commercial toy stand and a plywood book rest was […]

Fresnel Lens Holder

Client has very poor eyesight and difficulty in reading. A large lightweight magnifying lens in a holder was required. A Fresnel Lens was acquired, and a frame to support it was made from 10mm plywood. All edges were sanded smooth, and the corners were given a small radius. The flexible plastic lens frame from the […]

Work surface attachment for wheelchair

Young lad with brittle bones syndrome has to spend all his time in a wheelchair in a semi-supine position, which means that he is unable to follow any pursuits or interests which involve a flat working surface. A table unit was constructed which is fixed to the wheelchair and provides a working surface at approximately […]

Wheelchair tray (stowable)

The 50 year old client was born with severe disabilities. She spends much of her life in her electric wheelchair but is extremely active. She required a table or tray for her chair which was easy to attach and could be stowed behind the chair when not required. Special fittings were made to achieve her […]

Wheelchair tray

The client, an amputee and having had a stroke, required a tray for reading his paper and the facility to transport a mug of tea from kitchen to lounge. The tray had to be removable. A bracket was made coming from base of chair to accommodate hinging action of tray, with separate mug carrier. The […]

Two page turners

There are two clients, neither of whom can turn pages themselves. The little girl has only slight movements in her fingers and the man only foot control. The machines were developed jointly with the North Herts panel, this particular one being supplied to Inverness panel. Both units cope with paper and hardback books, can reverse […]

Table to fit rising chair

An elderly gentleman, needing massage therapy, who sits in a rising chair, could only be massaged on his arms and shoulders if his arms were horizontal in front of him. Massaging his arms hanging loose was not an option. He also wanted a reading desk. A wooden table was made with a plywood top in […]

Table raiser

A wheelchair-using client, Andrew, required a table which he could use whilst in his wheelchair. A table was constructed of the correct height with a circular cutout to allow him to sit close to it. Using the table, Andrew is now able to do many things from his wheelchair which he had previously found difficult. […]