Rotating Camera Mount

An electronically controlled, motorised camera mount was created and fixed to the client’s wheelchair to help her film videos for her YouTube channel. A toggle switch attached to the arm rest controls the motorised mount, allowing the camera to be rotated slowly in either direction whilst filming […]

Remote camera shutter release

Identified need: Client suffered a stroke and has lost most use of right arm.  He is a professional photographer and has tried various methods to operate the camera and shutter release simultaneously but none are satisfactory; feels he needs a bespoke solution.  Camera is a Canon EOS 6D DSLR .  The viewfinder rather than screen […]

Electronic Cable Release for a Nikon Camera

This client took excellent photographs from his powered wheelchair. He could line up the camera before the shot,  but a helper had to press the shutter-release button on his behalf because his fine motor control was not sufficiently good. He requested a large shutter-release button to connect to his Nikon camera. The camera has a […]

Wheelchair video mounting

This severely disabled young man had finished school and required a challenge to stimulate activity to compensate for the loss of care available. The video camera was attached to the chair in a fixed position to allow his limited hand movement to operate the camera whilst being able to rotate the wheelchair to allow for […]

Wheelchair camera mounting

The tetraplegic client has partial use of his right arm and lies on his stomach in his wheelchair. He is a very keen photographer and needs a mount for his camera and camcorder. A suitable bracket was made with lockable vertical and horizontal adjustment. It is fastened to the underside of the table on which […]

Wheelchair camera mount & storage trolley

A disabled young man was unable to use his digital camera. The camera was needed at lap level to turn it on and adjust the settings but it needed to be elevated to see the LCD screen. A remote shutter mechanism was also required, as was a storage and transport facility. A three tier table […]

Wheelchair camera controller

The client is a young quadriplegic man who wished to take up photography. He requested a tripod mounted camera and a separate tripod mounted viewfinder screen. An electronic controller, a chin operated joystick and a cheekswitch were built to control a tripod mounted motorised pan-andtilt head and a digital camera. A 175mm LCD TV viewfinder […]

Trolley for visually impaired photographer

The client is an enthusiastic photographer who specializes in architectural work, notably in churches. Damage to his eyesight had severely impaired his hobby because of the difficulties it caused when taking his heavy equipment into churches and other buildings. A commercial lightweight trolley, designed to move loads up and down steps, was modified to carry […]

Remote shutter release for digital camera

The client is a keen photographer, but has limited use of his hands and fingers and now finds it impossible to operate his new digital camera. He previously fired the shutter on his old 35 SLR camera with a mouth- activated bulb connected to a cable release socket, but digital cameras do not have such […]

Remote operating device for digital cameras

Lorna only has slight use of one finger and very restricted head movement. She wanted to be able use a digital camera to take family pictures. The camera was fitted with a two- stage electrical operating mechanism to provide focusing and exposure, operated with a finger button. The camera and operating mechanism are mounted on […]

Modifications to wheelchair to allow use of camera

The lady client is a keen photographer and wishes to pursue her hobby despite being a wheelchair user and unable to hold her camera steady. A removable support was constructed from stainless steel bar to carry a standard camera body fixing. The support is clamped to one of the wheelchair’s arms and swivels allow it […]

Digital camera operating aid

This client has multiple sclerosis and no use of his arms; he needed an alternative method of operating a camera. He was previously a professional photographer. A probe (plastic chopstick) held between the client’s teeth was used as part of a jig. This was mounted at the table attachment point positioning the camera precisely in […]

Camera system

The young lady has arthrogryposis which severely limits her ability to use her hands and legs. For a course in photography, she needed to operate a complex film camera using her mouth and extremely limited left hand movement. The camera was mounted on a ball joint and counterbalanced with a pendulum weight. Levers with mouth […]

Camera holder for Victoria

Victoria is a young lady with limited use of her hands who wished to follow her hobby of photography. However she had problems holding the camera steady and operating its controls from her wheelchair. A suitable shutter operating mechanism was devised using a lever to operate a conventional pneumatic squeeze-bulb. A movable frame based on an […]

Camera holder

Adam had spinal injuries and was unable to lift even the smallest weight. He wanted to use a camera, so requested a device to hold the camera in position for shooting yet allow him to move it out of the way when not in use. A flexible pipe (rather like a desk-lamp support) was attached […]

Bracket to enable foot operation of camera

Having been paraplegic from birth, this lady is extremely adept with her feet but found the operation of her camera almost impossible. Any type of permanent mounting would give rise to further problems. An internally padded aluminium bracket was made and attached to the camera. Her arched foot, inside the bracket, grips the camera which […]