Pet care


Device to put on a coat

Milton Keynes panel were asked if we could help a client to put on his outdoor coat. He could not move his hands to behind him, which meant putting on a coat in the normal way almost impossible.
A powered device was made which, under the control of the Client, lifts the coat up his back then releases it when the coat collar reaches shoulder height

Ball Thrower for dog

The Client, an MS sufferer, has an Assistance Dog to help her with everyday tasks. An essential part of the bonding process between Client and dog is the ability to reward the dog by play. In this case, throwing a ball. Unfortunately, the Client no longer has the physical ability tp perfom this simple action. Knowing that Remap had done this before, the request was made to develop a similar item based on a catapult.

Dog Treat Feeder (Mk 1)

A client was a lady in a wheelchair and training a new assistance dog. She needed a method to deliver treats to the dog but unable to do so.

RDA trailer remote speed control

A Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) school uses a small tractor to tow a powered machine. The speed control lever is mounted on the tractor with plastic pipe clips which allows it to be detached easily when necessary.

Automatic dog treat dispenser – ideas

The client who has stiff hands takes her dog for walks when she is in her wheelchair and needs a method of automatically dispensing  a dog treat as the dog is trained to respond to treats when performing tasks. A large palm operated button is envisaged to operate the device attached to the wheelchair. Sketches […]

Dog seat fitted to a wheelchair

A client who travels in an electric wheel-chair has a dog which is unable, or unwilling, to run when its lead is attached to the wheelchair, and would not get up onto the client’s lap. The client wished to be able to go out and take the dog with her. A lightweight dog seat was […]

Dog handling device

The client has cerebral palsy with very little movement other than of his head and drives his electric chair with his chin. He has a pet dog and wanted to have some degree of control when they go out together, though he is accompanied by his carer. A self-retracting dog lead is situated behind the […]

Cat feeder

After hip surgery the client was unable to bend to place a cat bowl on the floor. Screw fittings were attached to the bowl and to a long lightweight plastic handle. The handle can easily be removed for cleaning. The client can now safely feed her pet without the need to bend.  

Bird cage catch

This lady could not open the door on her bird cage. A nylon cord and handle were fitted to the bird cage door catch. The client can now open the bird cage door with ease.