Personal care


Shower chair footrest

The standard footrests of John’s showerchair made it difficult to manoeuvre around the narrow doors and landing of his home. More compact custom footrests were made.

Jaw Lever

The client is unable to voluntarily open his jaw and needed a new safer method for his therapist to use.

Adjust height and stabilise commode

The standard commodes available are of the wrong height for the client’s toilet bowl and, because she favours one side when getting up, tip over sideways. The tiled floor and under-floor heating mean that the commode cannot be bolted down. The wheels were removed from an otherwise suitable standard commode and feet added. The feet […]

Vomit detector

The client is unable to reposition herself in bed and is at risk of choking on her own vomit if left unattended. A detector was made using a water detector mounted on a plate and linked to the nurse call pager system. The system activates when a resistance of just over 4 megaOhm is bridged […]

Improved grip for vertical grab poles

The client found that his wet hands slipped on the floor-to-ceiling poles in his bathroom. Both poles were fitted with paracord whipping over double sided carpet tape to provide a secure hold.  

Urine bottle stand

Bottle on stand Rear view showing height adjustment Cage fixing arrangement The client is unable to stand and urinate without risk of spillage because he needs to use his one hand to hold a support, ie. he needs to urinate hands-free. A simple tripod with tubular fibreglass legs holds the client’s bottle and wire cage […]

Urine bottle holder

The client is a wheelchair user and needs assistance to hold a urine bottle when in use while sitting on his commode. A stainless steel bracket clipped to the frame of the commode supports the bottle.  A camera tripod ball joint provides angular adjustment.  

Aerosol actuator

Aerosol with foam cap … with cap removed and valve stem exposed. Button spray nozzle and trigger gun fitted. The elastic band (kindly donated by Royal Mail) holds the lever up for ease of use. The client suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and has great difficulty in using aerosols. Investigation showed that the aerosols in use […]

Catheter bag drip tray

The client was concerned that drips from the catheter bag hung on the side of his bed would stain the carpet. A small plastic tray was purchased and clipped to the bag support stand with fold-back clips.  

Toileting support

Completed seat back in position. SS parts and one of the two webbing straps. Client requires support to maintain an upright position on her toilet at home. The style of the toilet means that the commercial toileting support systems cannot attach in the normal way (using the screws that secure the toilet seat on) because […]

Bed Mounted Foot Support

This client’s posture is bent forward and this means his centre of gravity can incline him to fall forward. He normally sits on the side of his bed to get help with his personal care. It would be helpful if the bed could be raised to assist with the care but there was a risk he would fall […]

Bedpan – modified

A young man with Cerebral Palsy has a home fully equipment for his disability, but goes away with his family. When he is in his wheel chair and needs to use a bed pan he elevates himself and a bedpan is positioned. However the shallow design of the normal pan makes it extremely difficult to […]

Shoe lace aid

Client has weak wrists but needs to be able to do up her shoes tightly because of walking difficulties. Commercial aids have proved unsuitable. A velcro strap with a buckle was made to wrap around client’s trainers at the instep.  

Widened commode

A very large lady needed a widened and adapted heavy duty commode that can be readily made transportable as she spends time in hospital during the year and needs the commode there. A frame was made for the heavy duty commode to widen the seating area providing improved and longer hand holds to ease access and exit. The […]

Using a folding shower chair as a commode

The client has a folding shower chair which was also needed as a commode, but did not wish the chair to be altered in case the warranty was lost. A standard commode was modified to allow it to be fitted to the chair by using existing fixings on the shower chair without the need for […]

Toothbrush manipulator

A young man was unable to brush his own teeth because of an inability to move his arms enough to effect brushing action at the desired height. A holder was manufactured to firmly restrain a battery operated toothbrush. Through the specially designed lever actuated gearbox the bristles of brush could be rotated through 180 degrees […]