Operate knob/handle/button


Bed Controller Modification

The client is mostly paralysed from the neck down except that he can move one arm but has minimal grip. The only way he could press the buttons on the hand held bed controller was to bite the buttons with his teeth.

Upper Limb Rehabilitation Aids

Aids to rehabilitation of upper limb function for intensive care patients.
Therapy, Activities, Skills and Kinesiology (TASK) Boards for University Hospital Southampton

Large buttons for recliner chair

Our client cannot see and cannot operate the soft touch buttons on the hand controller supplied with a top end recliner chair. I made a holder for the controller that fixes it to the side of the chair and has four large and differently shaped buttons so they can be identified by touch.

Nurse Call Button

A holder for existing nurse call units in hospitals that allows the unit to be used by patients with limited mobility and/or dexterity. Developed initially for use by stroke patients in a specialist ward.

Night Time Alert

This alarm unit is for use by a mobility impaired client, to wake up their deaf spouse in the night for assistance.

Light Switch Adaptation

A wall mounted adaptation to allow a height impaired person to operate a standard light switch from lower down, without the need for rewiring or use of “smart” lighting.

Gas fire tool

An arthritic client was having difficulty in operating her gas fire which has a ‘push down and turn’ control knob. A short length of aluminium tubing was shaped to fit over the cross bar in the dished control and was finished with a cycle handlebar grip. The lady has sufficient hand strength to operate her […]

Gas fire control adaptation

This elderly lady found it difficult to bend over to operate the ground level gas fire control knob, putting her at great risk of falling. A simple hand held tool, reaching from hand to control knob was made. The lady can now adjust her gas fire setting with complete confidence, whereas before she had to […]

Gas fire control knob turner

The client has difficulty reaching the gas fire control knob situated low down at front of fire. A sleeve was made to fit over and be fixed to the knob. This provided a socket for a modified golf ball. The golf ball was attached to a brush handle. This allowed the handle to be used […]

Gas fire control extension

The client was unable to bend over and reach the control to turn on and off the gas fire. The occupational therapist was concerned the client would either get too cold or attempt to reach the fire. A plastic knob was made to fit the fire control. This was mounted onto a rod to which a […]

Extension to scooter control

This lady has arthritis and has had the joints in her fingers and thumbs fused making her unable to use the control lever on her electric scooter. To make an extension to the lever, a 115mm length of aluminium tube from an old walking frame was cut two-thirds way through, 50mm from one end. A […]

Entry phone

This lady lives in a block of flats and is confined to bed. She cannot apply enough pressure to operate her entry phone. A wooden base with two long operating levers fitted to a bracket was made and the phone screwed on to it. With the extended leverage, the client could push the buttons. She can […]