Opening containers


Safety bottle top opener

The safety screw tops found on many bottles that require the top to be squeezed before being turned, can be difficult to master by those with reduced dexterity. This solution requires a simple modification to standard slip-jaw pliers

Cardboard box opener

This client struggled to open food packaging. He was unable to manipulate scissors and had a tremor in his arms that affected the fine motor movements needed to open packets. A large handled tool to peel back lids and pierce through cardboard and packaging was suggested. No device will open everything and the client could […]

Bleach bottle opener

The client was unable to open ‘safety’ caps of bottles containing liquids like bleach due to rheumatoid arthritis in her hands. A tapered fork was made from aluminium angle and fitted with a wooden handle, it has teeth on one side only. The fork, when pushed over the bottle cap, squeezes the sides and holds […]

Belly vice

The 51 year-old client had had a cerebral haemorrhage/stroke and was unable to use one arm. He had previously used a wooden “belly vice” to help him grip and open tins and bottles. Only plastic vices are now available and they break easily. He asked the panel to make him a new wooden one. An […]