Motoring/car use


Oliver’s Car

Oliver’s is a young man who’s legs are paralysed from having spinabifada but he has good upper body use. A commercial ride-in electric car was modified with a hand throttle in place of the foot pedal.

Car passenger protection

Remap engineer Jon Leigh needed to create a way of safely and comfortably separating our client from the front passenger and driver.

Car seat safety screen

12-year old George with developmental and behavioural issues lashes out when anxious and finds transitions stressful. His mother requires a screen to separate him from his siblings in the back seat of their car. A twin-wall polycarbonate screen was made that sits between the individual rear seats, keeping them apart.

Car Wheel Changing Teaching Aid

A Derby school, which specialises in students having special needs, finds that their students are more comfortable with practical rather than academic subjects. Basic car maintenance is one course on offer and, at the request of the school, the Derby Remap panel made a classroom teaching aid to enable students to be taught how to safely remove and refit a car wheel.

Car tailgate closer

The client was unable to reach up to close the tailgate of her car. A simple foam-covered hook was made which engages with the door handle.

RDA trailer remote speed control

A Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) school uses a small tractor to tow a powered machine. The speed control lever is mounted on the tractor with plastic pipe clips which allows it to be detached easily when necessary.

Modify car steering wheel spinner

Modified spinner fitted to steering wheel Unmodified spinner showing opening … … and now closed up The client wished to replace the spinner that he uses to control his car steering wheel, but the replacement model had an opening in its handle which made it hard to use. A metal closure was fitted and the […]

Restraint harnesses

Harness for use in vehicles Harness for use while walking – rear view … … and front Client is a very active adult with learning difficulties and uses a Model 28 Crelling restraint harness when travelling in a vehicle (in addition to the normal car seat belt) and a separate harness while walking (for the […]

Seat belt buckle release tool

The red button must be depressed to release the belts.   A mother with rheumatoid arthritis is unable to open the buckle of her child’s car seat belt. A simple G-clamp was made that can be slipped around the buckle.  Turning the screw depresses the red button of the buckle, releasing the belts.   0

Car seat protector

Wooden frame to protect the seat rails and fabric fitted under seat base Finished foot well with ‘new’ carpet   The client is an adult male with learning disabilities who, when sitting on the rear seat of his car pushes his feet under the seat in front and damages his shoes (and occasionally injures his […]

Tamper proof car harness buckle

Hyper active child constantly undid seatbelt buckle and roamed the car, often grabbing the driver. The need was for a simple device which would permit the buckle to be used either normally or in tamper proof mode. It should not interfere with releasing the buckle in an emergency. The original request was made more complicated […]

Car key extension

The client has a new motability car and is unable to turn the ignition key to start the vehicle. Her grip is poor having recently broken her wrist. A tee-bar extension was made up from softwood and ply which clamps to the ignition key. The client can now grip the key extension and has no […]

Remote control for wheelchair

Sue has multiple sclerosis and uses an electric wheelchair. She can drive an adapted car but once she has transferred into it she is unable to put the wheelchair away before she drives off – at the other end of her journey she has another wheelchair available. She asked Richard Brown at the Basingstoke panel whether […]

Wheelchair security device

The client uses a wheelchair but could not go out by himself in his car as once he had transferred from wheelchair to car the wheelchair could not be secured in position for his return and if moved might not be within his reach thus trapping him in his car. A wheelchair lock with a […]

Walker loader

A lady with severe back problems is able to drive but cannot go out alone because she cannot load her walker into her car. Fitting a system of cords and pulleys to her car without the need to make major modifications to the vehicle meant that the client could load the walker into the car […]

Vehicle seat insert for lateral support

Severely disabled young man needs his head and upper body supported on long car journeys. Any support had to fit the client snugly, be useable with the existing seat/seatbelt and removable for cleaning. Foam was cut to the shape of the seat and two laminations were cut to suit the shape of the client and […]