Medication management


Intravenous Pump – Alarm Monitor

A monitor for an intravenous pump audio alarm. The client needs to be alerted by a vibrating pager as she is deaf. The pump has no alarm output other than an audio signal. A system has been designed and built that can distinguish the pump alarm in relatively high ambient noise and reject other events such as knocking or tapping on the microphone sensor.

Nutria Feed Opener

Elderly lady who lives alone, has to have line feed overnight, but can’t open the packs herself.

Pump-action medicine dispenser aid

Many pump action medicine dispensers are fiddly to operate for those with reduced hand strength or dexterity. This simple plastic aid turns a fiddly one-handed operation into a simple two-handed one.

Eye Drop Dispenser

The client requires eye drops every fifteen minutes but also suffers from severe arthritis and is unable to dispense these herself. To improve her independence and decrease the workload on her husband a device that allowed her to dispense the drops herself was needed.

Spraycan holder for arthritis sufferer

A client has rheumatoid arthritis in her hands, affecting her finger functioning and grip. She also suffers with angina and so needs to use a Nitromin spray, but cannot operate the rather small aerosol can due to her arthritis. We built a spraycan holder that is big enough for her to grip in one hand […]

Tablet deblisterer

Other similar designs… Owing to arthritis, the client is unable to remove his arthritis tablets from their foil blister pack wrapping.  The blister pack is placed onto the platform with one tablet lined up with the plunger.  Pressing the plunger forces the tablet out of its wrapping into the container below. Other similar designs have […]

Injection site massager

The client has had Parkinson’s disease for 11 years. He has nodules on his thighs resulting from the frequent injections, which in turn, make injecting difficult through the tough tissue and reduces the effectiveness of the drug. Vigorous massage is required to effectively disperse the nodules. An improved version of his own home-made ‘pommeller’ was […]

Aerosol Dispenser

An elderly client has Carpal Tunnel syndrome and also suffers from Angina. As such she has difficulty applying sufficient pressure to the medication release button on her aerosol dispenser. Based upon a design in a previous yearbook, a similar style mechanism was constructed. This particular model permits simple insertion and removal of the medication capsule […]

Tabletop scissors

The client has upper limb weakness and found it very difficult to cut up triple-gauze bandage. Commercially-available tabletop scissors were suitable only for cutting paper. The plastic handles were removed from a pair of standard 20 cm stainless steel scissors. One blade was fixed into a cradle and the other (moving) blade fitted with a […]

Elastic bandage applicator

Sandra has a skin complaint that requires a full-length elastic bandage on her left arm. Limited dexterity in her right hand makes applying the bandage difficult. A length of plastic drainpipe was selected. Sandra feeds the bandage over the top of the pipe using both hands. She then inserts her hand into the top of […]

Pill taker

Linda has cerebral palsy. She has 24 hour care, because she has no mobility and cannot use her hands. She speaks with difficulty and relies on a computer, which she operates with a head pointer, to communicate with the outside world. A pill taker was made for her which enables her to lift the lid […]

Nasal spray aid

This client was unable to operate a standard nasal spray due to arthritis in fingers and could not operate a remote control.  After a series of prototypes, a design was produced to allow a two-handed solution with the client holding container with one hand and the palm of the other hand applying pressure to end […]

Nasal cannula

A nasal cannula is approx 2.5m. If the user is mobile there is a considerable amount of spare tubing. This can be a hazard for the user and others. They must use one hand to gather in and hold this extra tubing. The tubing is taped to a coil from a plastic ‘slinky’ toy. Thus […]

Mirror for changing urostomy bag

This young wheelchair user uses a mirror to help him change his urostomy bag but it had a weak point caused by continually having to bend the goose neck at the same position each time. He wanted it to be easily portable as he likes to travel. The goose neck was removed and replaced with […]

Holder for mouth spray

Mary, a lady with angina, has to frequently use a GTN (glyceryl trinitrate) mouth spray. She also has rheumatoid arthritis in her hands, so she cannot hold the spray to use in the normal way. A holder was made using PVC piping, with an added grip at the end. This enables the lady to hold […]