Mobility chair desk top

Add multi-purpose ‘desk top’ to child’s mobility chair so she could start school with her own table top.

Noise box trainer

A teacher needed a device to help blind and partially sighted children to practice their ability to locate and identify sounds.

Car Wheel Changing Teaching Aid

A Derby school, which specialises in students having special needs, finds that their students are more comfortable with practical rather than academic subjects. Basic car maintenance is one course on offer and, at the request of the school, the Derby Remap panel made a classroom teaching aid to enable students to be taught how to safely remove and refit a car wheel.

Four-sided activity stand

A special needs school needed an activity wall similar to those found in almost every junior school playground. The complication was that most of the children at the school were in wheel chairs so they could not access the usual type.

Activity stand

A special needs school required two mobile indoor stands onto which various items could be hung to provide visual and tactile stimulation to the children. Two simple A-frame gantries on castors were made. A similar outdoor stand has also been made.  

Scooter board

Scooter board Guard around casters to deter little fingers An autistic child needs a scooter board to aid sensory development of a size larger than commercially available ones. The board was fitted with a clear plastic cup, cut to a suitable length, around each caster to act as a guard.  

OT exercise stand

Stand in position   Underside A special needs school required a miniature “washing line” to enable students to practice pegging items on the line as an OT exercise. The solution consisted of a wooden base with two upright posts 400mm apart.  Holes in the posts allowed the line to be set at 300 or 360mm […]

Water Toy/activity centre

The client was a residential centre for disabled children who wanted a garden toy which involved moving water with as many interesting features as possible. “Activities” were constructed on weatherboard (OSB3) with a sump or tank in the base. Plastic half- round guttering was used mostly together with a tipping tray, funnel, tipping bucket, waterwheels, […]

Switch protector plate for pathfinder communicator

The ‘Pathfinder’ is one of the latest type of communicators. It is programmed by the school almost daily for use by the child at home. When placed in the bag supplied for transportation, one or more of the flush faced and touch sensitive switches on the control panel are often inadvertently activated resulting in the […]

Mobile chairs

Melissa, a young girl with restricted growth, needed to be able to move her special chairs (one or two on each floor) between classrooms at school without having to rely on help from her classmates. Wheels were fitted to the back of her chairs and the back ends of the chair runners were cut to match […]

Hand grip

Oliver is a bright and engaging young boy who has cerebal palsy and is a wheelchair user. He needs to be able to hold on to something for support whilst using his other hand to touch or grab whatever is in front of him. A gripping support board was made, covered top and bottom with […]

Face inset board

A local organization who teach pre-school children with learning and physical difficulties, requested a toy to enable a child to recognize and manipulate features of the face. Using two sheets of plywood, a head shape was produced with recesses to take discs painted with eyes, nose, mouth and ears. The toy enabled a child to […]

Chair and work desk

A young client required a supporting chair complete with a ‘desk’ that could be moved into position. A panel member constructed the chair and desk as shown in the photograph. The little girl is now able to join in with her peers and be included in the group’s skills development activities.