Variable Height Washing Line

The client can’t raise her arms to hang the washing out without severe pain. A washing line that could be easily lowered and raised was needed to make this day to day task bearable.

Washing machine knob device

This lady was unable to operate the controls on her washing machine. A 350mm long lever was made with a glued on socket which fitted over the control knob. The client pushes the knob in, when needed, by leaning her buttocks on the socket end of the lever which she works with her left hand. […]

Washing machine control handle

Arthritis precluded the client using their washing machine’s program selector switch. They wanted to be able to operate the machine without asking for help. A more convenient tee -shaped handle was made to attach over the existing cycle control switch on the client’s washing machine. The client can now access the controls of their own […]

Washing line adjuster

This lady is a wheelchair user and found it difficult to hang out her washing due to the height of the washing line. An additional pole was concreted in halfway along the washing line and 4-armed rotating arms mounted at the top of all three of the posts. Operating cords were attached to the ends […]

Washing line adaptation

This lady has multiple sclerosis and she cannot raise her arms sufficiently to hang out her washing. Two garden clothes poles were made with cross members which could be raised and lowered by a winch. Washing lines are fixed between the cross members. The lines can therefore be at the low point for pegging out washing and […]

Tilting cradle for steam iron

A thirteen-year-old girl likes to do her own ironing, but has little strength in her arms, which terminate in rudimentary hands with non-functioning fingers and no thumbs. She is unable to tip up iron to shut off the steam. A tilting tray that holds the iron was clamped to ironing board. The tray is balanced […]

Special washing line

This client has arthritis and cannot raise her arms above chest height. She wanted to hang her washing on an outside line. A continuous loop of clothes line was fixed at the usual height at one end and attached to a pulley. This can be raised and lowered on a guide bar by a hand […]

Raising and lowering washing line

A woman who is a wheelchair user wanted to hang her laundry on an outside clothesline. A continuous clothes line traveling between two pulleys one at fixed height (in the garden) and the other, capable of being raised and lowered, was attached to the garage wall. The client can now have independence and freshly dried […]

Dishwasher door opening device

The client has rheumatoid arthritis and found it difficult to undo the catch on her drop down dishwasher door. A plastic moulded tool was made that the client could grip in both hands to operate the drop down door catch. She can now open her dishwasher door with ease.