Wheeled garden tool holder

A gardening charity needed a means for a volunteer with severe back pain to carry documents, small gardening tools etc around the gardening site. A simple wheeled trolley was made that allows the user have access to her gardening impedimenta without having to bend.

Jack for wheelchair archer

A wheelchair user wishes to return to archery. To avoid the bow clashing with one of the wheelchair wheels, he removes one wheel and supports the chair on a jack. A change of wheelchair means the jack no longer fits his chair. A bracket was made to fix the jack in place to allow one wheel to be removed.

Blind dominoes playing boards

A ten year old boy who has been totally blind since birth had recently become interested in playing dominoes. The school had acquired two special sets of tactile dominoes, double six and double nine, where the pips were substantially raised so that blind people could gauge the number of pips by touch only.

Artist’s paint brush holder

The client has difficulty gripping the slender handle of her paint brush. This 3D-printed plastic holder will suit a range of brush sizes.

RDA trailer remote speed control

A Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) school uses a small tractor to tow a powered machine. The speed control lever is mounted on the tractor with plastic pipe clips which allows it to be detached easily when necessary.

One-handed snooker rest

A one-handed snooker player required a rest for his cue that could allow him to play his shots, but also be easy to move one-handed about the table.

Xbox Controller Modification

The client’s physiotherapist asked Remap to devise a way of preventing the client working the left side buttons with his right hand which he was apt to do but it was preventing correct development of his left hand. Essex North  volunteer added a perspex shield between the buttons preventing the right hand operating the left […]

Model maker’s bench

Current working method Bench open Bench folded Leg mechanism The client currently builds his model ships in his rather cramped spare bedroom, usually on a board placed on his bed, meaning he has to lean over the bed, exacerbating his existing back problem. A folding bench was attached to his chest of drawers, allowing him […]

Special snooker cue rest

The client has difficulty in forming a cue rest with his hand. A rest body was made from hardwood and the rests 3-D printed in plastic. There are two different supports and spacers, and an M5 button-headed socket screw.The support is dis-assembled using an allen key Brisrol panel case ref 11\15-04

Special fishing reel for client with no use of fingers

The client is spinally injured C5 C6 and has no use of his fingers. He broke his neck l7 years ago following a fall whilst fishing. He remains passionate about fishing, and has designed and had made a belt with a leather cup attached to help him to cast. However the tiny handle on the […]

Arm support for harp player

The client plays an Autoharp but suffers from neck and shoulder problems which means she cannot maintain the playing position for long. An arm support was constructed using a strong drummers stand and an office chair arm support RH Logic 300, 8R3D which allows multiple freedom of movements whilst supporting the arm. Bristol REMAP case […]

Skittles aid

A ramp was needed to enable people with learning disabilities to launch a skittles ball independently. Special rubber covered balls are used by the skittles team. A ramp was constructed using pine batten, 6mm MDF and hardboard glued and screwed. Two fold-out arms that lock into place when hinged out prevent the ramp toppling sideways. […]

Play Station control

The client has muscular dystrophy. This makes it hard for him to press the buttons on his playstation controller and limits the range of games that he can play. Modification of the controller itself was considered (either reduce the force of the existing buttons or wire in softer buttons from an external keypad) but rejected, […]

Wheelchair video mounting

This severely disabled young man had finished school and required a challenge to stimulate activity to compensate for the loss of care available. The video camera was attached to the chair in a fixed position to allow his limited hand movement to operate the camera whilst being able to rotate the wheelchair to allow for […]

Wheelchair table for bird watcher

A keen bird watcher, needed a writing surface, which did not restrict visibility when using the wheelchair, and a binocular support for her wheelchair. An adapter was fitted to the arm of the chair enabling a clear acrylic table to be lowered into place and rotated. Optionally, the binocular support clamps within a tube in […]