Getting in/out of bed


Bed mattress lifter and call switch

The client with motor neuron disease has inadequate strength in his hands to operate his mattress elevator to allow him to get out of bed unaided, or to summon assistance. Foot operated switches were attached to the side of his bed.

Cabin bed steps

A child struggled to climb the steep steps into his cabin bed. The steps were made deeper to allow him to get into bed unaided.

Accessible Bedside Cabinet

The client, who was bed-bound for certain periods of the day, required access to a multiplicity of items that he was unable to reach from his existing bedside cabinet

Special bed lever/grab rail

The client, an elderly lady, was having extreme difficulty getting in and out of bed. Conventional “side” bed levers could not be fitted because it was a lifting bed and there was no standard equipment to help her pull herself up when she got out of bed. A standard side bed lever was modified so […]

Retracting bed rail handle

This client has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair. He has to use bed rail handles to transfer himself from his wheelchair to his bed but once sitting on the bed had difficulty in lifting his legs over the bed rail handle. The end of the bed rail was removed and modified to be located […]

Profile bed hand rail

This young girl has poor mobility and tends to fall out of bed. She also needed something to steady her to help her get off the bed into a wheelchair. Steel rails were fitted and the bed suitably reinforced to give high lateral stiffness. A Velcro-secured cover was made for the outer rail to meet […]

Modified grab handle

The client required a bed lever to get in and out of bed. Unfortunately she had a lifting type of bed and the standard bed lever that fits under the mattress is unsuitable, as it will move whenever the bed is raised. A second bed lever was purchased and, by cutting and brazing, one bed […]

Grab rail for profiling bed

The gentleman has multiple sclerosis and is having difficulty in transferring from a wheelchair to the profiling bed. He wished to do this unaided. The bed needed to be raised so commercial casters were fitted which raised the bed by 75mm. A grab rail was made from steel tubing, this slotted into a tube bolted […]

Cot side bed stick

To facilitate personal care, the client needs to maintain a sitting position. As her bed has cot sides, standard bed sticks were not suitable. A tubular bed stick was constructed which attaches to the metal bed frame by means of a bolted “U” bracket and welded stub pipe. The bracket can be positioned anywhere along […]

Bespoke drop-down bed lever

The client has chronic pain, and an above knee amputation, and her medication causes drowsiness. To relieve pain, she sits on the bed edge, often falling when she dozes. She needs support when sitting there, whilst remaining independent in transfers. A drop-down bed lever, allowing access on/off the bed when in the lowered position was […]

Bed lever

The client needs to use a bed lever to transfer from her bed to a wheelchair. As the bed is of the elevating type, the normal bed lever that fits under the mattress without any fixings, moves about when the bed is elevated. The solution was to fix the ‘handle’ portion of the bed lever to […]