Wheeled garden tool holder

A gardening charity needed a means for a volunteer with severe back pain to carry documents, small gardening tools etc around the gardening site. A simple wheeled trolley was made that allows the user have access to her gardening impedimenta without having to bend.

RDA trailer remote speed control

A Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) school uses a small tractor to tow a powered machine. The speed control lever is mounted on the tractor with plastic pipe clips which allows it to be detached easily when necessary.

Handles for wheeled garden seat

The client struggles to get up from a wheeled garden seat when gardening. The handles on the seat are too low and the seat moves sideways when getting up. A pair of free-standing handles provide the required height and their bases act a brakes on the seat.   0

Raised flower beds for special school

A special needs school wanted to encourage their children to enjoy gardening and needed to make it accessible to wheelchair users. Four plywood flower beds on legs were made.   0

Wheeled garden seat for amputee

Finished seat Forming the seat cushion Underside of seat showing screw height adjustment and plywood board tool tray The client is an amputee and requires a wheeled seat to allow her to continue with her gardening.  The seat cushion needs to be custom shaped to suit the asymmetric amputation and have arms to help her […]

Tipping wheelbarrow

Children at Ravenscliffe School love gardening but some can contribute little or nothing to the activity. A wheelbarrow that can be attached to a wheelchair would be a useful enabling facility, especially if the child could make it tip. Severely handicapped children can be motivated by participating in the activity rather than merely watching. The […]

Spade holder

This man could not grip a spade handle to dig his garden. A device was made where the spade slides in a ‘hook’ attached to a modified leg caliper, which is strapped to the wrist (which is strong enough to support it). He can now dig his garden. 0

Protective boot

The client uses a rotovator and has an artificial foot. When using the rotovator, the shoe on the artificial foot becomes filled with soil. A protective boot was made by cutting a standard Wellington boot above the foot area and then connecting the upper part of the boot using a peg and key hole arrangement. […]

Long handled pruners

The client has very restricted movement of their arms and the effective use of only one hand. They could not reach to trim garden plants. A set of the client’s own pruners were fitted into a lever arrangement to allow one handed operation and extended reach. The pruners themselves were not modified so replacements could […]

Log barrow

This thalidomide impaired lady who uses a wheelchair, wanted a barrow to transport logs from outside to the fireplace. A wheelbarrow was purchased, of which only the body was used. A 4-wheeled chassis was constructed, and a transverse steering bar was made to attach to the barrow to enable it to be steered. This lady […]

Lightweight secateurs

This lady has very little strength in her arms and hands. She could not use secateurs as they were too heavy and she did not have the strength to squeeze them and make them cut. A pair of lightweight secateurs were purchased and fixed to the end of a length of plastic curtain rail. A […]

Joystick control for golf buggy

A farmer has a spinal injury resulting in central cord syndrome. The panel was asked if it could adapt a golf buggy to steer using a joystick so that he could go around the farm to check his sheep. A scheme was designed for a power operated steering system to the buggy, using a joystick, […]

Hand-operated tractor clutch

This farmer had an accident that resulted in the amputation of the toes on his left foot. He was unable to drive his tractor as he could not operate the clutch. Initially a long lever was clamped to the clutch pedal. Unfortunately, this was not convenient for other farm workers who used the tractor. The fixed lever […]

Gardening trolley for amputeee

The client was a keen gardener but had had a leg amputated. He needed a way to get down to his gardening and move around. A trolley was provided with broadish wheels so his lawn was not affected when it was wet. He can now propel himself around with his hands and get his weeding done. […]

Gardening chair/trolley

This client wished to continue gardening after a stroke but needed to do this from a chair. A wheelchair was not suitable over the soft lawn, earth etc. A seat was mounted on a three-wheel trolley and provided with walking stick height handle to allow the client to push the trolley into the required position. […]