Fall protection


Fly-by-wire kids tractor

Like most small boys Theo loves tractors, but when you are born with really short arms it makes steering a challenge. So Gerry, a fellow volunteer from the York panel, and I set about creating a safe fly-by-wire push along tractor to make the 20-month old lad very happy.

Wheelchair Step

Bespoke non-slip step, made to fit between front wheels of a child’s electric wheelchair, enabling safe and independent transfers in and out of the wheelchair.

Molift Knee Blocks

The client had had recent surgery, preventing him from being able to transfer independently by standing following a surgery. This meant that he was having to be lifted by mum or hoisted at school. School had tried to use a Molift lifter which would be ideal has it would enable him to continue standing, but […]

Stairlift safety rails

The client fears falling off her stairlift. A safety rail was added to provide the reassurance required.

Step-up platform

21-month-old Sebby with achondroplasia (short stature) cannot use standard steps etc to access sinks, toilets and worktops. His mother is having to hold him so that he can wash his hands, etc. and  she would like him to be able to do these things safely by himself.


Rails at top of stairs … … and with board in place Bottom of stairs A mother of three autistic children requires robust gates at the top and bottom of her stairs to prevent falls. Standard stairgates for toddlers are not high or strong enough. A pair of rails have been fitted at both the […]

Improved grip for vertical grab poles

The client found that his wet hands slipped on the floor-to-ceiling poles in his bathroom. Both poles were fitted with paracord whipping over double sided carpet tape to provide a secure hold.  

Fall protection for epileptic

  Toilet and bidet Kitchen sink Desk The client’s mother required protection around the home against drop seizures of her epileptic child. For the toilet and bidet, closed cell foam protective edge strip (sold for packing of paintings and mirrors) were used. It is designed to absorb knocks, is waterproof and washable. By cutting pieces […]


The client required an indoor stair handrail in an awkward location, and the suggested Magic Rail was unsuitable. A bespoke angled rail was made and fitted.  

Stair gate for child

The client is a seven year old autistic boy who frequently wakes at night and wanders. An existing gate at the top of the stairs was low and there was danger of him toppling over and down the stairs. A higher than standard safety gate was made and fitted. It is secured by a catch […]

Tall adult stair-gate

This tall client is unsteady on his feet and has jerky, involuntary movements. A tall (to chest level) stairgate was requested that would prevent him toppling down the stairs when moving from his bedroom to the bathroom at night. The 1200mm gate was made from plywood and was lightened by cutting out panels with the […]

Modified door

A hyperactive little girl needed to be prevented from gaining access to the stairway from her bedroom. The door was modified so that she could be stopped from opening the door but easy access could still be maintained if needed. The girl’s parents now have increased peace of mind. (Stranraer)

Modified bath lift

This 90 year old lady lives alone and sometimes has dizzy spells. When this happens she lowers herself to sit on the floor but is unable to get up without assistance. As her carer only comes twice a day, she can have a long wait for help. A bath lift was modified to stand vertical on […]

Hand rail for settee

The client had difficulty in getting on and off his settee and had on occasion fallen on to the floor. A steel tubular frame was attached securely to the settee base with brackets and wood screws which he could grasp to enable him to lift or lower himself. The client can now make full use […]