The trike is a homemade piece of mobility equipment made from two bikes with a platform inbetween and a loading ramp. This allows someone that is disabled to experience the joys of cycling whilst still being in the wheelchair for maximum comfort with their favourite person doing the pedalling. If you happen to stop along the way at say a garden centre, then you still have the wheelchair with you for regular activities !

Boccia Ramp

Rafael Young a talented Boccia player needed modifications to improve the functioning of his ramp and allow him to reach his full sporting potential.

Foot and leg exercisers for chair and wheelchair users

  Attached are two pictures of foot and leg exercising devices designed and made by two members of REMAP Gwent, who do have a very special interest in those who suffer from MS and their inability to get the crucial type of exercise they need. This will also apply to any other person who has […]

Footplates for exercise bike

Remapni recently had an enquiry from a physiotherapist in a special school. Sheila has a pupil who wants to use a static exercise bike. The problem is that it is a little big for him, and his feet tend to turn outwards. This causes his heels to catch on the cranks. There are straps on […]

Lowered handles for treadmill

The client, aged 7, has a treadmill to help her condition. The handles are too high. New handles were made from steel tube with ends bent to form clamps. Handlebar tape was applied.  

Anchoring pedal exercisers

There is often a need to fix pedal exercisers in relation to the client’s chair, to stop them travelling when in use. The problem can be solved by standing both pedal assembly and chair on a board. The example shown was made for use in a hospital, and so is adjustable to suit different clients’ […]

Exercise bike pedal foot clip modification

The client cannot move her legs to pedal, and relies on the electric exerciser to pull her feet around, hence moving her leg muscles. This means the pedals are trying to pull away from her feet, and the only friction between foot and pedal is due to the weight of her leg. (i.e. no downward […]

Height Adjustable Table for Exerciser

  Table in upper position Table in lower position The client uses a cycle exerciser for both legs and arms, but is unable to raise it from floor level (for leg exercise) to chest level (for arm exercise) unaided. A crank-operated rising table was made to raise and lower the exerciser between the two levels.  […]

Treadmill side rails

Unmodified treadmill Side rail A child needs to exercise on a treadmill but currently, his parents must hold him to provide support and stability.   Side rails have been clamped to the existing treadmill so he can support himself. Top bracket Bottom bracket

Leg Exerciser for Standing Exercises

The Leg Exerciser folds flat for storage or transport. To use, raise the frame to the vertical position and secure with the bolts and wingnuts. The bar adjusts from 22cm to 50cm in height. Adjust to a comfortable level below knee height and secure with the four bolts and wingnuts. Place the Exerciser on a non […]

Modified Pedals for an Exercise Machine

Remap were asked to modify a pedal exercise machine. The brief was to help the user to retain their feet on the pedals during exercise whilst in a sitting position. This was achieved by securing a pair of the user’s shoes to the pedals as shown. Unmodified pedal Pedals in use To use, with the […]

Treadmill handrails

The client is a young boy who is unable to support himself on his legs and uses a Rollator to get about.  As part of his therapy, needs to exercise on a treadmill, for which handrails are required to support him. This free-standing design requires no modification to the treadmill and allows it to be […]

Ankle straps for pedals

The client is a stroke victim, who uses a set of exercise pedals to exercise his lower legs and ankles. His feet slide out of the pedals. He requires something to restrain his ankles from sliding off of the back of the pedals. The assembly was supplied with rubber ‘toe clips’ which were attached to […]