Anti tipping chair

5yr old loved pushing her dining chair back during and after eating, with the risk that she would tip the chair over backwards.

Replacements for amputated hands

The lady had suffered from sepsis and, as a consequence, had lost both hands and both feet. The NHS were able to provide a wheelchair and later prosthetic legs but had little to offer in the short term to provide hand functions. We were able to provide basic implements to enable her to feed herself, brush her hair, and to write birthday cards and sign cheques.

Smoking and drinking aids

Client whose only mobility was his head , thus confined to a wheelchair.  Client wanted to be able to have a drink and smoke a cigarette without a member of the care staff assisting him. The cigarette holder was articulated on a flexible arm, the cigarette held in a cigarette holder the holder being clipped […]

Dinner tray collection trolleys

Finished trolleys Underside of tray trolley showing tray drop mechanism Original trolleys Trolleys in use A special needs school had two trolleys which were used by the children to dispose of food waste, cutlery and crockery after their midday meal. The original trolleys were unsuitable in a number of ways. Metal crosspieces of no structural […]

Wheelchair cup holder

The client has poor grip and has requested a cup-holder, mounted at the right height on the arm of her wheelchair so that she can drink comfortably with a straw. A clamp was cut from a block of aluminium with a pinch screw to clamp it onto the tubular arm of the wheelchair. A 3″ […]

Weighted beaker

The client’s condition resulted in violent hand tremors which prevented him drinking from a normally weighted, though modified, tumbler. After some experimenting, it was found that by adding weight to the beaker in the form of an encased lead ‘shoe’ this enabled the client to use it normally. The client can now drink without assistance […]

Steps and tap operator

A young lady of eight years of age has restricted growth and cannot reach the kitchen tap to make herself a drink. A set of steps was made that could be easily moved to and from the sink by the client herself. The treads were faced with cork tiles and the handrails made from two […]

Special tray for wheelchair

A wheelchair client with restricted arm movement had problems when he went out with his friends to a pub or restaurant because he could not get near enough to a table to feed himself. As a result his friends had to feed him which he found embarrassing. A portable tray was made which attached to […]

Pump pot support

A lady client used a pump pot for dispensing coffee for herself and her friends but this had to be held by carers while she used it to prevent tipping. A wooden support for the pump pot was designed that held the pot securely and was clamped to the edge of the table. The client […]

Powered drinking aid

Robert, a wheelchair user with no hand control and an inability to drink easily, required a powered drinking aid to provide him with some degree of self-reliance, especially at night. A device was fabricated using a 12V windscreen washer pump, a liquid container, plastic tubing inserted inside a flexible microphone stand and a foot operated […]

Plate holder/mover

The client only has use of his left hand and feeding himself was difficult. His right hand would spasm and knock any tray or plate away from him. He also wished to move the plate away from him when he had finished his meal. A wooden table was constructed with a sliding top released by […]

‘One finger’ cup

The client has dystonia and has had the forefinger of one hand released by surgery. She expressed a wish to hold a cup when her friends call. The sealed tube through the beaker shown in the photographs allows her to hold a cup. The stand, weighted with lead, helps when ‘jamming’ the forefinger in place. […]

Modified wheelchair

This client has motor neurone disease and requires one angle of wheelchair back to accept food in his mouth and another angle (vertical) to enable him to swallow. The angle must be able to be changed quickly and easily by carer. The standard back of the wheelchair was modified to hinge with pins slipping into one […]

Inserts for wheelchair tray

A wheelchair using client with multiple sclerosis has poor grip and shaking hands and was unable to feed self unless plates and bowls were positioned at functional height and stabilised to avoid spillage. MDF was used to make a tray to fit over the existing wheelchair tray with blocks and clips to secure. The tray […]

Drinks holder

The client’s movement ability is restricted to one hand which can operate a computer mouse. The request was for a device to enable him to bring a cup (and straw) into the drinking position when required and to retract the cup as needed. A frame holding bearings and a light vertical shaft with an arm […]

Drinks aid

This client was unable to get himself a drink at night after his carers left at 6.30pm. The client could raise himself in his adjustable bed into a sitting position. Using a cyclists’ drinking bag, a cold drink could be provided by wiring the drinking tube into a position he could reach. A hot drink […]