Door opening/passing/closing


Threshold platform for a ramp

A platform designed to stay in position under a patio door, to be used in conjunction with a commercial “suitcase” ramp.

Yale door opener

The client has a Yale lock that due to MS she cannot open. She needed a system that enabled her to open the door from her wheelchair but also that could be opened by her assistance dog. She did not want an automated door control system installed.

Cot Door Catch

Parents of a child who is fed intravenously needed the doors of her specialist cot to be held open whilst they were changing feed / fluid bags etc.

Drawbridge ramp

The client required a ramp for his scooter to pass though his front door directly onto the public pavement. The ramp could not be left in place and the client did not have any assistance available to fit, and later remove, the ramp. A hinged “drawbridge” ramp was made with a cord to raise and lower it.

Threshold ramp for uPVC door

A common problem when providing wheelchair access to a uPVC door is getting over the often quite high threshold. The usual solution of a sheet aluminium bridge has to be removed to allow the door to close which is hard for a lone wheelchair user. This light weight infill strip can be removed with a standard pick-up stick.

Door opening problem

Audrey is a wheelchair user. Her room has been fitted with the ‘Door Guard’ system to hold the door open, but to ensure closure when the fire alarm sounds. The problem is to enable her to open the door from inside. An arm is fitted to the chair which can be lowered into position for […]

Door openers

This lady has rheumatoid arthritis which creates difficulty in opening her fridge and freezer doors. Two sheet metal handles were fixed to the doors enabling the client to open the doors from her wheelchair using clenched fists. The client can now use her fridge and freezer independently. 0

Door opener

A man with paraplegia using a manual wheelchair could not exit his flat door which is fitted with fire closure controls. He could not hold the door open and propel his wheelchair at the same time. A counter-balanced rope and pulley was attached to door and wall which allowed him to open the door without […]

Door extension handle

This wheelchair user, who has poor hand control, could not get near enough to the door to operate the handle. An extended handle of light construction aluminium/plastic tubing with two handles enabled client to reach and turn handle on door. An inner tube of plumbing insulation allowed a gentle grip that was easy to fit […]

Door closer

The client, a wheelchair user, was unable to close the outward opening door of her bathroom behind her. She wanted privacy, independently, when there was another person in the house. A very simple arrangement was set up with a length of nylon cord attached to the door and taken over a cup hook screwed into […]

Car start key aid

This client has great difficulty in rotating his ignition key to start his new car. A ‘U’ shaped key holder contains the key which is rotated out to provide a lever to help turn the key. The client can start his car with ease. 0

Car door openers

Due to deterioration of hand muscles, this client could not open car doors – neither the driver’s nor tailgate. A simple detachable extension to door handle, giving more leverage, was made. The client is now able to open doors unaided.   0