Door entry control


Upper Limb Rehabilitation Aids

Aids to rehabilitation of upper limb function for intensive care patients.
Therapy, Activities, Skills and Kinesiology (TASK) Boards for University Hospital Southampton

Baby-proof cot latch

The client has a cot with an opening door. The device makes it difficult for the child to undo the latch as two actions are needed.

Door entry control panel

The problem The solution Levers and top hinge bracket The client had difficulty operating the buttons of his door entry control panel because they were mounted too high to reach and the management company was unwilling to lower the panel. The door control touch pad consisted of 3 vertical buttons; only the lower two buttons […]

Keypad lock operating tool

The client has learning difficulties and does not recognise numbers. He has been given an allotment near his home as he is a very keen gardener. The allotment has a keypad lock however which he cannot operate. It is necessary to first press C for clear. The client can do this. A five digit code […]

Fitting for push button door openers

Client has push button door openers attached to his wheelchair but they keep slipping out of reach. Plate fitted onto wheelchair and switch boxes secured with double-sided tape. The client can now reach switches more easily.   0

Extended door handle

A homeowner of reduced stature has difficulty reaching the door handles of her French doors. An extension rod and handle were fitted to an existing handle to provide a low level operation. The client can now operate handle with ease.   0

Up-and-over garage door opener

Client has left hemiplegia resulting in right-sided weakness in her upper limbs. She has difficulty opening garage door for storage of wheelchair/mobility scooter. A long handled activating lock, with a removable handle, was made from mild steel to replace the existing lock. The client is able to access and secure her scooter for first time […]

Turning tool for door key

This client was unable to use a Yale type door key. A turning tool was made from a strip of 2mm aluminium sheet 250mm long. This was folded over itself to make a hollow lever which fits over the head of the key. The client can now lock and unlock her door without help. (Exeter) […]

Accessible buttons on entry phone

This lady lives in a block of flats and is confined to bed. She cannot apply enough pressure to operate her entry phone. A wooden base with two long operating levers fitted to a bracket was made and the phone screwed on to it. With the extended leverage, the client could push the buttons. She can […]

Drawer locking system

A local care centre asked for help to devise a drawer locking system for bedside cabinets which would enable patients with shaky hands to place the key in the lock without assistance. A removable plastic insert which slotted behind the drawer handle and over the keyhole was produced. This allows the patient to locate the […]

Door opening problem

Audrey is a wheelchair user. Her room has been fitted with the ‘Door Guard’ system to hold the door open, but to ensure closure when the fire alarm sounds. The problem is to enable her to open the door from inside. An arm is fitted to the chair which can be lowered into position for […]

Door intercom

Rob, who has multiple sclerosis, lives in a multi-level ground floor house. When not in his wheelchair with ramps down callers assume, due to the time taken to reach the door, that he is out. He needed to communicate easily from anywhere on his property. The solution was to use two walkie – talkies, one […]