Load folding bike into car boot

The client wishes to be able to take a folding bike in his car boot, but is finding it harder to fold it up and load into the car. A stand was made to hold the bike while it was being folded.


The trike is a homemade piece of mobility equipment made from two bikes with a platform inbetween and a loading ramp. This allows someone that is disabled to experience the joys of cycling whilst still being in the wheelchair for maximum comfort with their favourite person doing the pedalling. If you happen to stop along the way at say a garden centre, then you still have the wheelchair with you for regular activities !

Passenger Trailer for Tricycle

The West Midlands Panel was approached to see if there was a way to adapt a proprietary tricycle such that a teenage boy could use it in a safe and controlled way outdoors in a large local park. An add-on trailer was devised on which a parent could ride and control the speed at which their son could travel.

Pedal Modification for an Exercise bike

Clients feet would not stay on the pedals despite using pedals with toe clips. A heel support frame was made and attached to the pedal in the same manner as the toe clips. Client who has MS can now pedal away with out feet slipping from the pedals.

Special small balance bicycle

The client is small for his age (inside leg 190mm). A standard balance bicycle had been obtained by his parents and wheel sizes reduced from 200mm to 125mm diameter. The saddle was still too high (300mm) and this needed to be reduced a further 110mm.  Additional mods were made to shorten the fork pillar, lower […]

Modify standard bike to balance bike

The client is 4 years old, with mild hemiplegic cerebral palsy. He has been using a standard balance bike, and is not yet ready for pedals, but as he is quite tall for his age has nearly outgrown his current bike. The parents cannot find a larger balance bike for him. There is a range […]

Bicycle pedal straps

Pedals in natural positions Pedal rotated to show fixing method A 4 year old child with spina bifida has difficulty keeping her feet on the pedals of her bicycle.  Commercial pedal clips are only available in adult sizes. Straps were added to the existing pedals. The metal parts provide counterweights to ensure the pedals naturally […]

Single-handed bicycle brakes

  An eight-year-old boy, born with no fingers on his right hand, can ride a bicycle without problems – right up to the point when he needs to apply both brakes at once! Remap engineers designed and fitted this “balance bar” that lets him activate both brakes from a single lever.  

Bicycle to tricycle adaptation

A client with cerebral palsy and balance problems would like to ride a bicycle. Normal stabilisers are not secure enough. The client’s mother initially requested wider stabiliser wheels for the bike, however she later found the ‘Mini-bike converter’ on the internet and this was ordered from ‘Bike Care, March, Cambridge’. The mini-bike converter converts a […]

UV Shelter for Quad Cycle

Alice, who is 5 years old, has the condition known as Exeroderma Pigmuntosum (XP); she has zero tolerance to the UV component of normal daylight – even on overcast days. As such she has to have her entire body screened from daylight and can only go outside during daylight hours if she has been completely […]

Tricycle modification

Restricted growth meant that Leo could not reach the pedals on his tricycle. The saddle support was lowered by 40mm and moved forward, and a new backrest fitted. The steering column and forks were both shortened by 20mm, and a narrower crank was fabricated. Leo can now keep up with his sister on her bicycle! […]

Tricycle for boy without arms

Ronan is a 12 year old boy with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, as a result of which he is profoundly deaf, has learning difficulties and has only vestigial arms. His parents thought a cycle would be very good for him. A tricycle was designed and built to be adjustable to cater for his size as […]