HandShake – using hand motion to control switchable software

Some people with e.g. cerebral palsy are unable to use physical controllers such as buttons and joysticks but are still able to make intentional hand movements. HandShake uses a pair of BBC Micro:bits to enable triggers to be sent to switchable communication software to enable speech to be composed. A trigger is sent to the communications device when the participant moves a hand above an adjustable threshold of acceleration.

Replacements for amputated hands

The lady had suffered from sepsis and, as a consequence, had lost both hands and both feet. The NHS were able to provide a wheelchair and later prosthetic legs but had little to offer in the short term to provide hand functions. We were able to provide basic implements to enable her to feed herself, brush her hair, and to write birthday cards and sign cheques.

Air Mask Microphone

The Client wears a positive air pressure mask at all times. This makes it difficult for people to hear what she says.

Speech communicator

Our client was having trouble communicating with those around her. Her low vision and other disabilities made talking and using equipment difficult. The solution, specially developed by Remap, was a dedicated speech communication device.

Communication aid harness

Aluminium mount with detent pin Tom’s speech therapists were keen that he should have his Communicator with him at all times. The normal arrangement of a shoulder strap meant that he could swing the device, which while he enjoyed doing it, it hardly facilitated its use, and was distracting both to him, his teacher and […]

Wireless hands-free alarm

Identified need The client has no fine motor control of his hands but can use arms and/or head.  He is confined to bed and feels insecure at night as he is not able to alert a carer in another room or part of the house. Description This unit is based on the Wilko Standard Portable […]

Communicator mounting for wheelchair

Maria, a resident at the Scope Birchwood residential care home in Chesham, has no significant movement ability and is unable to speak clearly due to cerebral palsy. Wheelchair bound during the day, Maria uses an electronic communication aid to control equipment in her room, including lights, heating and TV; the device can also be used […]

Wheelchair mount for communications device

Client has a communication device consisting of a power pack and touch screen. This needs to be mounted on her wheelchair Brackets were constructed to fit a box section tube on the wheelchair  

Support for communication aid

The client, a young person, is unable to speak and was being taught to use a communication aid. He needed to use this aid both in his wheelchair and his armchair but the manufacturer did not have any suitable means of fixing it within his limited reach. A suitable platform to hold the device was […]

Speech computer bracket for wheelchair

This child has severe cerebral palsy. His only method of communication was through a speech synthesising computer and he needed the next level of computer to continue progress but this was unable to be mounted on his powered wheelchair. An aluminium tube was mounted on the lower left side of the wheelchair with provision for […]

Speaking aid

Some 12 years ago, the client had a laryngetomy operation. She has also developed severe arthritis. The action required to cover the stoma in her throat with one finger is causing painful RSI. A ‘finger’ was made from Perspex rod. The end was hinged and covered with a soft rubber compound to give a positive […]

Mounting for communication switches and smart box

The client has multiple disabilities and uses a ‘smart box’ as a communication aid. His speech has deteriorated and his wife is having difficulty understanding him when they are out of the house. She asked if it would be possible to mount the foot operated switches and smart box on his wheelchair. A board was […]

Modified telephone

The client is autistic and has learning problems. He wished to be able to telephone his mother but cannot handle multiple buttons on the phone. A standard telephone with memory button was fitted with a plastic mask so that only one button was visible. The client can easily contact his mother.

Mobile mounting for communication aid

The client is unable to speak and, following a stroke, has a residual disability causing her to lean to one side. She requires a mounting for her communication aid that can be used when sitting in her powered wheelchair, non-powered wheelchair or an armchair. A slightly sloping wooden mounting table was constructed with appropriate dimensions […]