Carrying things


Mounting Baby/Child Seats To Wheelchairs

A soulution to the recurring demand to mount equipment to wheelchairs including Wanzil trend babyy carrier, YEPP child bike seat and a solution for non-child carrying purposes using an offset socket which can be useful for other devices (for example a tray).

Tray rollator arm supports

Margaret is blind and has a “combination trolley walker” on which she keeps the things she needs on a daily basis to hand, but it had conventional rollator handles that didn’t provide the level of support and stability she needed when walking around the house.

Wheeled garden tool holder

A gardening charity needed a means for a volunteer with severe back pain to carry documents, small gardening tools etc around the gardening site. A simple wheeled trolley was made that allows the user have access to her gardening impedimenta without having to bend.

Shopping Hoist

Client had lost the full use of the left side of her body so found it very hard to carry shopping up a short flight of stairs to her flat.  Clambering up was possible but not holding shopping. Stair lift was not possible as the stairs were communal access. A small hand powered hoist was […]

Wheelchair bag

The client required a bag to hold her shopping while using her wheelchair, but was no longer able to reach behind her to a bag hung on the seatback. The bag was made to sit in front within easy reach with a strap that supports it from the arm rests.  Integral padding protects the thighs […]

Tray for wheel chair user.

The Client was a young lady in her mid thirties who had moved into an apartment with assisted living approximately one year earlier. She has M.S. and has limited leg length and up until that time had been cared for at home by her parents. She had great difficulty in carrying food, plates and mugs […]

Improved braking on walker-trolley

Typical walker-trolley Modified wheels The client has motor neurone disease and uses a walker trolley to get around the house, but finds the brakes are not good enough to provide the required stability. It was found that the poor braking ability of the trolley was caused by the low grip between the wheels and the […]

Trolley walking frame

A child with Downs Syndrome cannot walk unaided.  At his Montessori school, he need to be able to select his own activity from where it is stored and take it to his table. He requires a trolley to provide him with support and a means to carry the activity. The trolley is sized to suit […]

Raised Rollator handles

The client has diabetes and a number of other problems affecting his legs which mean he has to use a Rollator for mobility. He finds the handles are too low and would like them raised 7” to 8” An extension was made for each side. The backrest was also extended.    

Pannier basket

A basket was required to fit on the detachable motorised front wheel of this rather unusual chair. The pannier style metal basket fits neatly over the battery and still has plenty of room for papers, groceries etc. This gentleman is now able to carry goods and still does much of the heavy work at home […]

Mug carrier for Jacqueline

Jacqueline suffers from loss of balance, causing falls. She needed a safe means of carrying mugs of coffee from the kitchen. A decorative cake storage tin, less lid, was fitted with a carrying handle. This was fabricated from 15mm plastic waste pipe. Sponge rubber attached by Velcro to the tin base minimizes drop shock. The […]

Mobile chairs

Melissa, a young girl with restricted growth, needed to be able to move her special chairs (one or two on each floor) between classrooms at school without having to rely on help from her classmates. Wheels were fitted to the back of her chairs and the back ends of the chair runners were cut to match […]

Low lever mobile tray

A young female athlete was struck down with an illness at the height of her ability. Her disability means that on some days she is unable to stand and has great difficulty in transporting drinks and food from the kitchen to the dining room or lounge. Remap was able to make a simple modification to […]

Log barrow

This thalidomide impaired lady who uses a wheelchair, wanted a barrow to transport logs from outside to the fireplace. A wheelbarrow was purchased, of which only the body was used. A 4-wheeled chassis was constructed, and a transverse steering bar was made to attach to the barrow to enable it to be steered. This lady […]