Baby/infant carrying


Pushchair safety brake

The client suffers from sudden fits and is worried about inadvertently letting go of her pushchair and it running away. An additional braking system was made such that should the client let go of the handle bar, the brakes are applied automatically.

Child seat for junior wheelchair

A child uses an Invacare Action 3 Junior wheelchair and now that a new sibling has arrived, her mother would like to take them both out together. An adapter was made to allow the seat of the baby’s standard buggy to be fitted to the wheelchair.

Nappy changing frame

First time mum found it difficult to change a dirty nappy with limited use of her right hand. Her wriggly baby was forever putting his foot in the wrong place!

Mounting Baby/Child Seats To Wheelchairs

A soulution to the recurring demand to mount equipment to wheelchairs including Wanzil trend babyy carrier, YEPP child bike seat and a solution for non-child carrying purposes using an offset socket which can be useful for other devices (for example a tray).

Tandem disabled buggy

The client uses a DoBuggy disabled buggy for her elder child and wishes have the means to take her younger child out with her. The client bought a BuggyPod clip-on buggy which is designed to clip on the side of most buggies with universal quick-release connecting brackets.  However, because of the design of the disabled […]

Attach buggy to wheelchair

Brackets connect the wheelchair and buggy Clamps to connect to buggy Brackets with quick-release clamps for wheelchair Brackets attached in relaxed position The client requires a means to push her child’s buggy while using her own self-propelled wheelchair.  No permanent brackets can be attached to the wheelchair, but the brackets need to be rigid enough […]

Double buggy divider

Mother with two children, 3 years and 6 months has a double Maclaren buggy. Elder child is mildly autistic and inadvertently causes injury to younger child when both are in buggy. Mother required some form of divider which would prevent youngster being injured but which would also permit them to see each other. A dividing […]

Chunc to BuggyPod coupling

7 year-old boy has cerebral palsy and severe epilepsy. He uses a Chunc 45 wheelchair. His little sister is 1 year-old. Mother requires to be able to take both children out together and is looking for a means to couple a secondary push-chair type pram to the Chunc 45. Mother has already purchased a second-hand […]

Pushchair grips

This mother has weakened hand grip and found it difficult to control the pushchair, particularly when having to raise and lower the handles to negotiate pavements. The new extensions enable her to use her wrists to control the movement and at the same time to be able to remove a hand quickly to control her […]

Wheelchair/buggy link

This client was pushing their child’s buggy in front of their powered wheelchair but was afraid of losing control. The wheelchair and buggy were linked together with a ‘push bar’ having universal joints at each end and removable from sitting position in wheelchair. The buggy end pin is on an arm, hinged on main bar […]

Wheelchair baby carrier

Emma relies on a wheelchair but very much wanted to carry her daughter Charlotte with her as she went around the house and the garden and to be able to take her into the local park. A baby bike seat was used and mounted on a steel tube with the footrest taking the weight. The […]

Wheelchair and pram connector

Nichola has a 9 year old daughter in a wheelchair and a newborn baby and wanted to take them both out together. The problem was how to push the wheelchair and the pram together. A frame was constructed to hold both wheelchair and pram. The two are easily put together & easily separated for independent […]

Two-child pushchair

The client has two children. The elder child has several medical problems and cannot walk very far. Therefore, he needed transport to school in addition to his young sister who cannot be left at home. The two of them had outgrown a normal buggy and larger sizes were not available. A large tandem buggy was […]

Tricycle trailer seat

A playgroup needed a tricycle modifying so that a 4 year old could join in the play. A new padded seat was made from half a plastic bucket which was heat-moulded to shape. Body and foot restraints and a pommel completed the adaptation. The boy was able to be included in the group play with […]

Strolli along

Marie has two daughters. Her five year old daughter uses a wheelchair. Her other daughter is one year old. She was having great difficulty taking them out at the same time and wondered if there was some way of seating the one year old on the wheelchair. A Swiss Strolli Rider was purchased to fit […]