Art and craft


Mobility chair desk top

Add multi-purpose ‘desk top’ to child’s mobility chair so she could start school with her own table top.

Drawing board

8 year old girl with cerebral palsy would love to draw and paint but has limited ability to use her upper limbs. She needs a way of securing the paper on her desk and wheelchair table. The usual methods of Dycem mat, blutac, masking tape etc do not work.

Push Button Sewing Machine Control

Our client, with tetraplegia, is able to manipulate his arms enough in order to push and pull and very lightly hook (or hold) objects in his otherwise immobile fingers. He has sufficient patience and skill to use a sewing machine to make rubber padded gloves to protect the hands of fellow wheelchair users.

Artist’s paint brush holder

The client has difficulty gripping the slender handle of her paint brush. This 3D-printed plastic holder will suit a range of brush sizes.

Hobby workstation

Drilling the hazel stick Drilling the antler A finished walking stick The client has suffered a stroke and would like to continue with his hobby of making walking sticks with deer antler handles while seated in his wheelchair and with the use of only one hand. He requires to drill the irregularly shaped hazel sticks […]

One-handed sewing

Client was very keen on sewing and tapestry but, as a result of a stroke, she can no longer use her left hand/arm. A pair of plywood boards was made to allow the item to be sewn to be held steady with plastic spring clips. Cunningly shaped holes allowed the needle to be passed through […]

Model maker’s bench

Current working method Bench open Bench folded Leg mechanism The client currently builds his model ships in his rather cramped spare bedroom, usually on a board placed on his bed, meaning he has to lean over the bed, exacerbating his existing back problem. A folding bench was attached to his chest of drawers, allowing him […]

Electric mobility scooter trailer

An elderly lady with MS required a means of attaching her bicycle trailer to her electric scooter. She is a keen artist and requires a means of carrying her equipment. A simple sandwich block was manufactured which fitted onto the rear bumpers of her scooter. The block was fitted with a tapped boss to permit […]

Support for artist

A road traffic accident left this young man unable to continue the artwork he enjoyed without assistance. Padded support to the head & forearm was accomplished by the attachment of fully adjustable supports to the rear of the settee, where he spends most of the day. An exercise cycle (little used) was retrieved from the […]

Portfolio trailer

This lady is a wheelchair user and had a power attachment so that she could travel from her home to the university (some four miles away). She needed to be able to carry her very large portfolio of drawings/paintings and other artists’ equipment. A two-wheeled trailer was made up using golf trolley wheels, perching stool […]

Painting easel

The client, who uses an inclined wheelchair, wished to hold her paints and painting work at a suitable angle. An adjustable easel was produced which would fit on the tables at the care home where she resided. The client can now enjoy her hobby without outside assistance.

Paint brushes for children with varying disabilities

An occupational therapist who is also a panel member works in a school for children with a variety of disabilities. They cannot always grip the paint brushes which are used in art classes and special ones available commercially are not always suitable. A range of brushes was made, with handles with various types of grip […]

One-handed knitting device

The client was paralysed on her left side following a stroke and wished to continue with her knitting. The device employs knitting needles modified to make them attach to a magnet. The magnet enables the free needle to be retained in a located position without hindering the movement of the stitches along the needle. The […]

Needlework aid

Linsey is severely disabled and able to use only her mouth to carry out tasks. Her hobby is embroidery and she had difficulty in keeping the sampler frame steady. A specially shaped wheeled holder was made, to which the sampler frame is clamped. Specially adapted tweezers were also supplied to allow her to hold the […]

Multi-positional art easel

A professional artist (wheelchair user) needed an easel that would position a five foot by four foot canvas at any plane or angle. She also needed a support for her hand holding the brush. The project was undertaken in three stages. Firstly the existing easel was modified so that the client would be positioned closer […]

Mouth operated paper tongs

Being profoundly disabled and with just limited head movement, a young girl can only write, draw or paint by mouth on a small area of the paper being used. A helper was necessary to move the paper about as required. Mouth operated paper tongs were made from carbon fibre, stainless steel and plastic. Now she […]