Bow stand for one handed archery project

North Lincolnshire council run activity sessions at various “wellbeing hubs” around the county. One of the activities is archery and although they had a bow stand made by Remap some years ago for wheelchair use they asked for another one suitable for use both in a chair and standing.

Jack for wheelchair archer

A wheelchair user wishes to return to archery. To avoid the bow clashing with one of the wheelchair wheels, he removes one wheel and supports the chair on a jack. A change of wheelchair means the jack no longer fits his chair. A bracket was made to fix the jack in place to allow one wheel to be removed.

Archery stool

This disabled lady takes part in competitive archery. She required a stool to sit on and steady her when shooting. The stool needed to be lightweight and easy to position and remove from the shooting line. She was unable to fold a stool quickly enough with her equipment in her hands to clear the line […]

Archery bow and arrow support

A support was needed to enable a wheelchair user to practice archery.  A garden parasol base was used for the support base, which was made adjustable in height and capable of being freely rotated both vertically and horizontally.  The support was made to be easily transportable.  It was necessary to source a special securing bolt for […]