Special fishing reel for client with no use of fingers

The client is spinally injured C5 C6 and has no use of his fingers. He broke his neck l7 years ago following a fall whilst fishing. He remains passionate about fishing, and has designed and had made a belt with a leather cup attached to help him to cast. However the tiny handle on the […]

Wheelyboat seat

Wheelchair user John used a small portable chair to support himself whilst fishing in a wheelyboat. However, it is unstable as it cannot be fastened to one boat as John fishes from several boats. The practical solution was to supply two battens with three holes in each to allow the chair legs to be set […]

Fishing rod reel adaptation

The client’s hand is not fully under his control and, when fly-fishing, he has difficulty reeling with his left hand when casting with his right. The small winding knob on the reel was replaced with a much larger handle four inches long. The client says he is very pleased that he can now reel more […]

Fishing rod attachment for wheelchair

This man has had a stroke and now has no use of his left arm. His hobby was fishing and he would like to return to this using only his right arm. The main shaft of his wheelchair was drilled for the nut and bolt fitting of a receptacle for the end of the rod. […]

Fishing rod casting in wheelchair

A resident at a local Cheshire home is a keen angler and a member of an angling club. He finds it difficult to cast his rod from his wheelchair. A swinging arm with a socket for the rod was attached to his wheelchair. Cast and catch are now much improved!

Wheelchair bracket for fishing rod

A wheelchair user wanted to be able to fish again after a stroke. The side arm panel of the chair was replaced with incorporating fixtures for his fishing rod. He is now able to fish with his friends. (Fife & Forth Valley)

Fishing aid

This keen fisherman with multiple sclerosis had trouble fishing without help from his fishing friends due to his increasingly weak arms. He wanted more independence. A spring loaded nylon cord twice turned around fishing rod’s reel handles shaft, provides sufficient tension to turn it when actuated by a hinged arm, controlled by the client’s right […]