Off Road Wheelchair Trolley

This trolley allows a standard wheelchair to go off road to provide a child access to the beach for the first time.

Bolton sailing club wheelchair jetties

Bolton Sailing club is a Sailability centre, which offers sailing for disabled people. Previously, disabled sailors were lifted into their boats on a shore mounted crane, which involved pulling the boat ashore and relaunching with every changeover of sailor.

Remap worked with Jaguar LandRover apprentices to develop a solution.

Wheelchair Trolley

The client’s two children are both wheelchair users and to improve the family’s freedom during a trip to the USA (as well as at home), a modification was needed to allow both children to be pushed by a single parent.

Servo assisted sailing

Remap are regular attenders at the RYA Sailability Conference. This project is one of their members projects, but referencing here provides useful archive material for a very typical Remap area of work.

Passenger Trailer for Tricycle

The West Midlands Panel was approached to see if there was a way to adapt a proprietary tricycle such that a teenage boy could use it in a safe and controlled way outdoors in a large local park. An add-on trailer was devised on which a parent could ride and control the speed at which their son could travel.

Off-road rollator

Off-road rollator Showing rear outriggers The client uses a standard rollator to getting about on paved areas, but needs something similar for use on soft ground. A large-wheeled tricycle type buggy was modified with the addition of rear outriggers made from the wheeled part of a Zimmer frame.   1+

Periscope to view aquatic wildlife

Toddlers with cerebral palsy visit a local community garden to view the aquatic wildlife but cannot see into the water from their buggies. As buggies often take two children, there are more children than teachers and so there would be safety problems if toddlers are taken out of their buggies. A fully adjustable horizontal periscope […]

Canoe landing support

The client is a very keen canoe instructor who is paraplegic. Her mother provides transport and assistance. Being quite petite, she had problems loading the heavy canoe onto the roof rack of her car. A two-piece folding and telescopic support was made. This is fitted with rubber-covered rollers which easily allow the mother to support, then […]