What is MakeAbility?

MakeAbility is a community of engineers, makers, DIYers and other practical, innovative people who are all interested in using their skills to make the world a more accessible place. Members are encouraged to share their knowledge, skills and inventions with the community so that everyone can learn from each other. We believe that great design can make more things possible for more people.


Who are Remap?

Remap is the UK-based charity behind MakeAbility.  We supply free, custom-made equipment to disabled people when there’s nothing available on the market. We have over 900 volunteers across the UK and every day we help ten people to achieve greater independence and a better quality of life.


How can I volunteer with Remap?

Remap is always looking for practical people to help with the design and manufacture of equipment. To become a Remap volunteer (and gain access to the volunteers’ section of this site), send an email to volunteer@remap.org.uk or call 01732 760209. We’ll have a chat about your interests and link you up with one of our seventy groups across the UK.