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Electronics advice needed by Essex North please

Essex North are making another Squeezie (we made 2 many years ago) and the clients still find them helpful.  It is a device made from two air mattresses encased in a sailcloth bag the client gets in between the mattresses and air is pumped in and it gently squeezes the client, the school staff who use this want to be able to monitor the pressure used for each use. Pressure is fairly low and I’m thinking that with suitable sensor the whole session could be logged on to a laptop, so I need help with data logging and a pressure sensor, I guess actual pressure is not that important so calibration may not be essential. I also imagine when the client moves in the bag pressure will increase and decrease hence the data logging if we have a pressure reading at intervals it can be averaged and presented graphically.  At present we have no electronics expertise in the panel so thought I’d ask for help. This is probably a case of I know what I want but not how to achieve it, commercially available sensors seem incredibly expensive.

Ashley Slater

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  1. Avatar Alan Beale says:

    Hello Ashley
    I may be able to help with your problem if you could supply me with some addition information.
    If you would like to contact me buy email at


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